Scouts RAM

A simple risk assessment management system designed by a scout leader for scout leaders


Risk Library

All risks created are stored in your risk library for easy re-use and updating


Sort and search for risks by Category and / or Section for quick finding

Review Prompts

System prompts when it is time to review your risk assessment

OSM Integration

Import and export risks to OSM with automatic syncronisation when a risk is changed in Scouts RAM

Approval System

Full approval system with multi-level approvals possible

User Access Control

Full control over each users access, restrict editing of categories / sections to certain user groups

Programme Linking

Link risk assessments to your programme dates


Comments and a Change log allow multiple users to collaborate on a risk assessment

Template Library

You can share completed risk assessments to a public library and view risk assessments made by others that you can copy in as a template

About Us


With the introduction of mandatory documented risk assessments by Scout HQ I struggled to find a system that worked for me. As a heavy user of OSM I started using the OSM system but struggled with the layout and the inability to copy risk assessments between groups. And so I decided to create my own and so Scouts RAM was born. Designed from the start to be easy to use and avoid duplicating work unnecessarily it allows the storing and sorting of risks for easy re-use and well as full integration with OSM to allow copying in pre-existing work and exporting back to multiple groups in OSM. I was so happy with how it turned out I decided to release it for wider use and now over a year later there are over 400 groups registered with over 40,000 risks stored.

Mark Scouts RAM Creator


Group Pricing

  • £5.00 per year
  • Unlimited Leaders
  • Unlimited Risks
  • Unlimited Risk Assessments
  • Last 400 Changes Tracked

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District Pricing

  • £5.00 per Group per Year
  • +£5.00 per Year for District Functionality
  • Unlimited Leaders
  • Unlimited Risks
  • Unlimited Risk Assessments
  • Last 400 changes per group tracked
  • District Risk Assessment Library
  • District level approvals possible

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